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AJAC Super Sluggers' Ian Mason and Cole Dumas


Each FRIDAY all the coaches of AJAC Baseball will post a picture and name of the Player of the Week.


No cancellations.

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Christopher - #25

Chris had an awesome week this week.  9K in 3IP, only 1 hit against.

Part 1:  Leena Azam and Jamesan Matlasz.

Part 2:  Joshua Clemons and Nathaniel Palmer

Awesome Job Guys!

Justin Wheatley

Great week, going 3-3 at the plate and also pitching 9 strikeouts.  Awesome job Justin!

#95 Ian Mason (with hat) and #65 Cole Dumas (without hat)

Ethan Delbow - #2

Very proud of Ethan this week, and he's making all the coaches proud!  Way to go Ethan!

AJAC Bruins' Chris

Tayvon Tillman (L)

Travis Podolskin (R)

AJAC Dragons' players

Nick Williams (L) and Izayah Santana (R)

AJAC Black Sox' Justin Wheatley AJAC Blue Sox' Ethan Delbow AJAC Heavy Hitters' Tayvon Tillman AJAC Heavy Hitters' Travis Podolskin AJAC Braves' Nick Williams AJAC Braves' Izayah Santana AJAC Baseball & Softball