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Valuable Resources to Obtain the Five Core Values of Youth Soccer


The AJAC soccer program relies upon five core values that describe the desired culture of the teams in our club.


Every AJAC Soccer player must learn to represent these values in their actions, and eventually to internalize them as part of their character:


We Unconditionally Support Each Other. 

Our actions show that, first and foremost, we care for each other as

human beings.


We Display Individual Leadership. 

We are not afraid to express our thoughts and beliefs, to share and chase our dreams, and to take risks in doing so.


Our Commitment Is Our Foundation for Success.

Our commitment to each other’s success and the team’s success will overcome any obstacle.


We Do Something Every Day To Improve Ourselves or Our Team.

Whether it is an extra sprint in team fitness, training when no one is watching, providing encouragement to teammates, or making positive life choices, we will do something every day to improve ourselves as soccer players and people.


We Are Accountable For Our Actions. 

We accept responsibility for own actions and hold each other accountable for our choices.


The Directors of AJAC Youth Soccer would like to extend a big thank you to all of our coaches for taking time out of your busy schedule and life, to help our young players get to know and love the great game of soccer.


It is only through the efforts of volunteers like you that the game is going to continue to grow and develop in the City of Chicopee. Bravo! E-mail Ajacsocceracademy@gmail.com for more information.

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