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AJAC is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers.


The continued success of AJAC is dependent upon the active and expected participation of parents or guardians and players like you. The club has been around for 50 years.

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Contact us for any reason, we want to improve, even if it's small.

  • Have fun, meet new friends and learn new skills

  • Learn the value of teamwork by teaching our players to work together as one, to reach a common goal

  • Encourage a life-long love and passion for the game

The Success of AJAC Sports is contingent upon the players, parents and coaches progressing in one direction for the development of players at

all levels.  This commitment must be made for the kids' development and for fun.  Success doesn't mean wins, it means happiness and a sense of


Welcome to AJAC Sports!

We at AJAC Sports pride ourselves in the development of young athletes through the development of skills in either baseball and softball, soccer or basketball.  Our coaches in all sport help you learn the skills of good sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play.  View all our site has to offer.

Competitive basketball for all levels



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